delivers conversational insights and action by understanding
user behavior, context and intent


Interact like human, Natural Language interaction to access information, gain insights and perform tasks

Connect Heterogeneous Data sources and bring Single conversational interface to your Enterprise data

Dynamic Visual Insights, graphs and Charts or Conversational Insights through Dynamic Rich Visual graphs, charts and Dash boards.Just ask! No Development

Interact and gain insight with your transaction data, without the need of manually creating reports.

Interact using natural language based Voice or Text chat without the need of creating complex website or mobile App screens

Access key insights that help you run your business efficiently through Natural Language Conversation.

We go beyond static, non-adaptive, inconvenient user interface and empower users to engage with systems using simple dialog. This enables users to accomplish tasks in the digital world by Natural Language Conversational Interaction.

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ThickStat is now part of Nationally ranked startup accelerator Generator

Human-Machine Interaction Redefined

Since the last couple of decades, companies are spending billions capturing and storing data.

Startup, library work on new app

Aside from the coolness factor, it will help people think more about the library,

Successful ‘Swims’

Applications that work with natural language processing and artificial intelligence …

No more reports, just insightful conversations.
Act at the speed of thought

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