Access key Insights to run your business efficiently through Natural Language Conversation Delivers Business Insights And Actions

ConverSight‘s Characteristics

  • Delivers integrated business insight with internal, external and data
  • Access to insights through narratives and questions
  • Derive insights from unstructured data
  • Understands/leverages big data in real time
  • uses machine learning to develop context-based hypotheses
  • Helps to uncover insights and data anomalies through data science
  • Provides prediction based on business parameters

ConverSight’s Architecture

On-premise data, real-time and batch integration, insights and analytics through voice and chat

Deep reinforcement learning is embedded into every aspect of the platform. From understanding the conversational context to creating delivery narratives, platform interlinks advanced AI techniques like SLU, NLP, NLG and dialog policies. Cognition and reasoning is built using knowledge graph, that understands and builds pragmatic data structures from distributed heterogeneous cloud and on-premise datasets



Conversations to Action

Platform Components