Athena delivers Business Insights as a News
Athena‚Äės Characteristics
  • Delivers an integrated business insight with internal, external and data
  • Access to insights through narratives and questions
  • Derive insights from the unstructured data
  • Understands/leverages big data in real time
  • uses machine learning to develop context-based hypotheses
  • Helps to uncover insights and data anomalies through data science
  • Provides prediction based on business parameters
Athena’s Architecture
On-premise data, real-time and batch integration, insights and analytics through voice and chat

Enhanced User Experience:Conversational interaction enhances user experience beyond swipe and click

Increased BI Adoption:Delivering instant actionable insights will increase the adoption and drive information-driven decision making

Reduced data complexity:Data from customer, competition, industry updates and subscribed sources through one integrated platform will provides 360 degree view of the business

Empowered Users:Empower the users with true-self-service Insights everywhere to make informed decisions always

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