Voice-based solution to assist the technician and make the diagnostic process hands free

Solution Drivers

Manufacturers spend 40% of their time on reactive maintenance

  • Changing diagnostic/repair processes with IoT in-place
  • Data driven instead of rule based diagnostics
  • Pressure on efficiency and reliability
  • Shrinking expertise in workforce
  • New workforce is looking for digital enabled processes
  • New assets increasing the complexity
  • Increasing regulatory pressures


  • Avoid costly human thereby increase customer Satisfaction and reduce warranty cost
  • Conversation Based Interaction with Expert Diagnostic Systems in free flow natural language like a human skilled Experience Technician
  • Augment with AR/VR to provide next gen Assistance
  • Integrate with IOT to provide seamless Technician Experience
  • Reduce Technician time spent reading/rereading documents, choosing options, typing reports or even walking, moving between computer, performing repairs diagnostic, taking reading.
  • Instruct the System to perform measurements and flow through subsequent diagnostic steps

Solution Overview

DIAGNO enables the technician to interact with various systems hands-free through Natural Language and visuals.

Machine learning driven voice and visual based intelligent companion

Solution Overview

All the green ones are the ones the service engineer need to refer a computer while working on the repair. DIAGNO enables the engineer to get the details from various systems through “Natural Language”

  • Update the service Oredr
  • Open The Service Order
  • Verify the Problem Statement
  • Visual Inspection and Basic Test
  • Retrieve the Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Check for Technical Service Bulletins
  • Launch Help (Videos/Docs)
  • Narrow the Problem
  • Repair the Problem
  • Determine the root cause
  • Verify the Repair

Data driven instead of Rules Driven. Integrate with multiple systems

Diagno Capabilities

Diagno Capabilities